Geometric Art workshop by Frank Kelly Jr.

  • 20170518_083538
    Taking notes on art terms
  • 20170518_083728
    Q & A with Artist Frank Kelly Jr.
  • 20170518_093008
    Starting off with blank canvases
  • 20170518_122426
    Adding texture and details to creations
  • 20170518_123359
    Collaborative painting
  • 20170518_130117
    Collaborative painting
  • 20170518_130346
    A few pointers from the artist
  • 20170518_131415
  • 20170518_132908
    Final art piece: Team 1
  • 20170518_140526
    Final art piece: Team 3
  • 20170518_140831
    Final art piece: Team 1
  • 20170520_182517
    Art display during the auction
  • 20170518_122136

Our 6th graders had the unique opportunity to work with renown artist Frank Kelly, Jr. as part of an Art Youth Initiative Program sponsored by North Rosedale Park Community Association.  Mr. Kelly presented an all day hands-on workshop to students on Geometric Art. Students learned artistic vocabulary such as elements, mediums, palate selections, canvas mechanisms and more.  Students collaborated in teams to create original art pieces using a variety of geometric shapes, textures, and patterns.  The art work was displayed during the North Rosedale Park Great Art, Great Park Art Auction.


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