Lights On for After-School Programs

  • 20171026_153848
    Families learn about electrical circuits
  • 20171026_154558
    Families making Circuit Bugs
  • 20171026_154607
    Adding LED lights with closed circuits
  • 20171026_155123
    Completed Circuit Bugs that actually light up
  • 20171026_155135
    Families working together
  • 20171026_155656
    Families working together
  • 20171026_173421
    Our young chefs
  • 20171026_173650
    Parents proud of their chefs

The 21st CCLC program partnered with The Children’s Center to sponsor a family night as part of Michigan’s Lights On celebration.  The Lights On event is a tribute to all of the schools who literally have the lights on for after school programs in an effort to provide safe and productive activities for students.  Parents were invited to join cooking classes, take family pictures with our photography instructors, and participate in a workshop where they made Circuit Bugs by creating an electrical circuit using batteries and LED lights.

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