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STEMinista Project

Our 4th graders had a wonderful opportunity to participate in the STEMinista Project. The Office of Science partnered with the Michigan Science Center to coordinate hands on STEM activities and career exposure. The workshop...

Voting Challenge

State Representative Sherry Gay-Dagnogo presented an Election Day challenge to all of our students.  She encouraged students to collect “I Voted” stickers from their friends and family and bring them to school.  The class...

Family Heritage

  One of the fifth grade literacy themes is Heritage. Students spent weeks reading and discussing stories centered around the theme. They concluded their learning by researching their own heritage and creating individual family...

Lunch & Learn

We launched our new Lunch and Learn program which encourages our 3rd through 6th grade students to engage in learning activities during their lunch. Students can select to work at the reading table where...

Developing Young Minds

Our preschoolers are busy learning every day.  Their young minds and little hands are creating color patterns, building structures, learning about animals, and designing their own unique creations using a variety of materials.

Story Time with Alycia Meriweather

Interim Superintendent, Alycia Meriweather, kicked off the DPSCD Story Time & Holiday Book Drive at Barnes and Noble on November 19.  A couple of our dedicated staff, Mr. Garber and Ms. Wagner, attended the...

Gleaners Day for the Community

Every month we organize Gleaners Day for our parents and members of the community.  Families receive fresh produce, canned and boxed goods, and other food items to add to their home pantries.

PACSA Financial Workshop

PACSA coordinated a financial workshop for our parents and members of the community.  They invited guest speaker Vivian Washington from Michigan State University, to provide valuable advice and resources on budgeting and financial responsibility.