Category: Parents

Welcome Principal McEwen

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Karen McEwen, our former AEA, has been promoted to principal of Cooke S.T.E.M. Academy.  Our former principal, Mr. Damon Sewell, has been promoted to principal at Central...

Parent Survey Available

Parents are valuable stakeholders in our school programs and initiatives.  It is important that you share your thoughts with the school so we can work together for the betterment of our students.  Please take...

Gleaners Day for the Community

Every month we organize Gleaners Day for our parents and members of the community.  Families receive fresh produce, canned and boxed goods, and other food items to add to their home pantries.

PACSA Financial Workshop

PACSA coordinated a financial workshop for our parents and members of the community.  They invited guest speaker Vivian Washington from Michigan State University, to provide valuable advice and resources on budgeting and financial responsibility.

Parent Surveys

We need all of our Cooke families to complete two surveys sharing your thoughts and opinions about our school.  The surveys are completely anonymous and are used to identify our strengths and areas in...